Assemblies of God believers and ministers from Kerala have been migrating to United State of America and Canada since 1960. They established many local churches in various cities in North America. In 1979, a leading AG minister Late Pastor C.M. Varghese called a meeting at New York Gospel Assembly, Richmond Hill, New York. The attendees unanimously selected Pastor C.M. Varghese to be the coordinator for this fellowship called India Home Mission Fund (IHMF). The prime goal for this fellowship was to raise funds for the mission work in Kerala. This was the first organized mission’s effort of AG believers from India in North America. In 1980, The India Home Mission Fund was reorganized and Pastors Joy P. Oommen, Wilson Jose and K.P. Titus were selected to serve as president, secretary, and treasurer. For over two years, that endeavor was used by God to raise three hundred to seven hundred dollars every month and sent it to the AG Malayalam District Council for the new church planting ministry.

By 1990, many churches were established in the North-Eastern Region and the need to enlarge and launch a wider mission body became evident in the gathering of ministers and believers. Pastors C.M. Varghese, M.C. Jacob, M.S. Mathai, P.O. Cherian, K.P. Titus, Wilson Jose, V.S. George and Rajan Philip along with many brothers from various AG churches joined, prayed and formed the Assemblies of God Eastern Region. This fellowship replaced the India Home Mission Fund. Rev. K.P. Titus served as the first coordinator of this AG Eastern Region fellowship and conducted the first convention at Susan B. Anthony High School in New York. The Assemblies of God Eastern Region is growing strong every year.

In 1993, at the 11th Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites (PCNAK) held in Syracuse, New York, Pastors K.P. Titus, Wilson Jose, and Kunjumon Daniel, met together and discussed the need for an AG National Family Conference for believers from Kerala living in North America. Pastor Wilson Jose was entrusted with the task of drafting a letter to call for an organizational meeting. The letter was sent out on October 6, 1993 and the first meeting took place on November 6, 1993 at New York Bible Assembly of God in Floral Park, New York. On that day, the general body formed and named the fellowship as the Assemblies of God India Fellowship of North America (AGIFNA). Pastors K.P. Titus, Kunjumon Daniel, Wilson Jose, and P.O. Abraham were selected to serve the first executives of AGIFNA as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Rev. Baby Daniel served as the joint-secretary. Brothers Benny Cherian and Rajan Joseph served as the committee members. The committee had decided to hold the AGIFNA National Family Conference every two years in the beginning. The first family conference was held in 1995 in New York under the banner of Assemblies of God India Fellowship of North America (AGIFNA). In 1999, the general body re-evaluated the two-year term and unanimously decided to hold the National Conference every year from the year 2000. The AGIFNA had twenty-one National Conferences thus far. God willing, this will be the 22nd family conference in Rochester, NY from June 28 -July 1, 2018.

AG National Conference is moving forward with new vision every year. Our goal is to provide sound, biblical teaching and fellowship in an age of compromise and deceptions. It is our desire to be an encouragement to those who are sincerely following Jesus Christ. We desire to stay in the center of God’s perfect will. He deserves our love and practical obedience as we work to build His kingdom. The AGIFNA National Conference has powerful influence on all believers from Kerala in North America especially the AG believers. There are many AG churches established in all major cities including New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale & Orlando, Florida, Houston & Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Toronto, Canada. Today, there are over thousands of believers worshiping Jesus Christ through these churches.